Quota Scheme

The quota scheme is a scheme initiated by the Norwegian government to give students from developing countries, Central- and Eastern Europe and Central Asia access to higher education in Norway. The main goals of the programme are to encourage cooperation between Norwegian institutions and partner institutions in developing countries and to give students from these countries transferable skills they can use in their home countries.

Accepted students may apply for financial support through the State Educational Loan Fund and the loan may be waived if the student returns to his/her home country after completion of the programme. Quota students should under normal circumstances finish a programme in the designated time.

Are you eligible?

Only students from countries participating in the Quota Scheme with education from a partner institution may apply. You have to apply from your home country. All applicants must have spent the last year in their home country at the time of application. It is not possible to apply if you live in another country than the one that you are a citizen of.

If a programme is taught in Norwegian, students may apply for a year of ‘Norwegian Language and Civilization for foreign students’ before they start their degree study. This means that students applying for a quota scheme programme taught in Norwegian may study for three years under the quota scheme.


All students accepted under the quota scheme should apply for financial support through the State Educational Loan Fund. Quota students will receive the same level of financial support as Norwegian students. In 2015 this amount is NOK 100.920. All financial support is usually given as a loan, but after courses are completed and passed, some of the loan is converted into a grant. The Norwegian Government may waive the loan entirely if you return to your home country within three months after completion of the programme. If you have stayed in your home-country for a year after completion of the programme, you may apply for reimbursement of your loan. If residence is taken in Norway within ten years after termination of studies, the scholarship is converted back to a loan, and must be repaid.

In addition to the basic support, quota students receive support for one travel to Norway and one return travel. If the programme lasts more than a year, students may apply for one additional return travel a year. Please note that the support to cover travel expenses may not cover the entire cost of the travel. The grant is given according to fixed rates.

Practical issues

Students coming through the quota scheme must apply to the State Educational Loan Fund after they have arrived in Norway and received their personal identity number. This means that the student must pay for the travel to Norway. Once in Norway, it is possible to loan some money from the Student Welfare Organization until you are granted financial support.

As a quota student, Telemark University College will reserve accommodation for you. The accommodation will be in student’s halls of residences. More information about the accommodation available and the prices can be found here: www.sitel.no

Acquiring a student residence permit is usually not a problem for quota scholarship students. The immigration authorities will in the vast majority of cases have issued your student residence permit before you leave your home country. Students must apply for a student residence permit themselves. The application process is a matter between the student and the immigration authorities. All students must apply for a residence permit from their home-country. The application must in most cases be submitted to a Norwegian embassy or consulate in your home country.


There is not a separate application form for the Quota Scheme. You must use the application form for the programme you are applying for.

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