Spanish and Latin American Language and Culture

Students who do not have language skills equivalent to Spanish B/C in the upper secondary school will have the opportunity of taking an introductory course in spring 2013.

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The programme will provide students with a basic understanding of the Spanish language, social conditions, history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

In addition, a subject didactic element will be included in the instruction to facilitate the teaching of Spanish in primary and lower secondary schools.

The study programme includes lectures, seminars and exercises in the language laboratory.

Students will be expected to demonstrate significant effortand participate actively in classes.

The language of instruction is Spanish.


Candidates who complete 30 ECTS of the study programme in addition to the introduction course will be qualified to teach Spanish in primary and lower secondary schools. Candidates who successfully complete the study programme (60 ECTS) will be qualified to teach Spanish in upper secondary schools. The programme may also be used as a basis for more advanced studies in Spanish language and culture. The study programme, or course units, can be included in a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Language at Telemark University College, or other Bachelor degrees.

General admission requirements. The study programme builds upon basic knowledge of Spanish (B/C language - upper secondary school) or equivalent.

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