Application deadlines

The application form can be found here .

The application process is as follows:

1. First you must answer two questions.

2. Then you are given the link to the application form.

Establish a user's account and select your programme. 

3. After you have received a confirmation of your application: upload the documents.

4. In the receipt you will get a link to another form. This contains information about emergency contact information, special needs and other information.

Please complete this form and send it to us online.

If you have any questions, please contact erasmus@hit.no 

Application deadlines for Nordic and European exchange students:

  • For the autumn semester (August-December)-1st of May the same year.
  • For the spring semester (January-June)- 1st of November the year before.

Application deadlines for exchange students from outside Europe:

  • For the autumn semester (August-December)- 1st of March the same year.
  • For the spring semester (January-June)- 1st of October the year before.

For degree-seeking students, please note that there are other deadlines

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