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Campus Bø

Welcome to Bø in Telemark

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is located in Bø.
The Bø campus is one of four faculties which constitute Telemark University College. The University College has 4500 full-time students of which 1500 study at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers a wide range of study programmes within the areas of business administration, computer science, health and environmental science, sports, outdoor life, culture and the humanities.The faculty has modern teaching facilities and computer labs. The library offers students a broad selection of resources as well as the possibility to find information in national and international databases. Students interested in sports can also enjoy the new athletic area on campus. It includes a track and field area, sandvolleyball courts, tennis and basketball courts as well as an ice skating and hockey rink during the winter months.


The town of Bø is centrally located in Telemark, as well as in southern Norway. The trip from Oslo only takes two hours by train. The campus is located in the heart of the community, within walking distance of student housing, stores and the train station. Gullbring Cultural Center is located adjacent to the college. The cultural center has numerous ammenities including a large gymasium and swimming pool, a climbing wall, a movie theatre, an art gallery and a concert hall. The area also provides excellent opportunites for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and skiing.

Student activities

Students at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are active in many differents types of clubs and organizations during their freetime. There are numerous clubs including: a book club, a photo club, a film club, a jazz club, a student newspaper, a choir, a student radio station and multiple intermural sports clubs. There is also an annual student organized week called VIKO which includes a wide variety of fun activies.

The students have a club called KROA. They arrange concerts and discos at KROA throughout the school year. KROA in Bø is one of the most respected clubs in Norway. It is primarily run through voluntary work from the students. To find more about KROA or about which events are planned visit:

Student housing

The Telemark Student Association (SiTel) is the student welfare organisation providing student housing with free internet access, a day-care centre and social worker assistance. Please follow this link to find out more about SiTel:

Programs for international students

International Office - Bø Campus

Additional information about Bø:

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